Language Gift Cards

LTES roll out: Language Gift Cards for colleagues, friends and loved ones!

We’re so excited to see the shift towards gifts of true essence and learning value today!
Offering a voucher for online lessons by specialized trainers to a loved one is the gift that keeps giving.

Let’s help our colleagues, friends and loved ones:

–    focus on language skills related to your job needs; language for Meetings, Presentations, Email writing, Telephoning, Describing Trends, Negotiations, etc
–    gain confidence in their work meetings
–    relocate for work or study purposes and feel more comfortable getting around
–    dust off their knowledge of a language they haven’t used for some time
–    travel with ease and explore a new location
–    keep their mind sharp: learning a second or third language is key to exercising our mind and sharpening our thought
–    have fun, striking “learning another language” off their bucket list

LTES gift cards come in various packages of 10, 20 or more lessons, depending on the recipient’s needs and target.

The content and material are suited to the learner’s needs so the recipient of the card can make the most out of this present.
Fully tailor-made, available in various languages and delivered online in the comfort of the lucky recipient’s home, hotel or office!
The placement test and needs analysis are included in the package and help to identify the level and individual needs of the card holder.

Contact us today to learn more and arrange for an online language lesson voucher to be sent to the person you have chosen!


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