• Translation and Localisation Services

    We pride ourselves on the quality we offer based on the use of state of the art Translation technology and Quality Assurance Methodologies.

  • Corporate Language Training

    Tailor-made courses with individual objectives for each participant to ensure the desired results.

Our Services

Explore our wide range of services offered at affordable costs with great quality!

Translation & Localisation Services

In today’s global market, Translation & Localisation are key parts in product lifecycle. We help international companies reach their markets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Corporate Language Training Services

Our Training services are specialised in a tailor-made approach to improve performance in communication in accordance with your company requirements, culture and field of operation.

Content Services

Our expertise in language content management extends to all related services, such as Desktop Publishing, Transcreation, Search Engine Optimization, Independent Quality Assurance, Style Guide authoring etc.

Online training and e-learning services

Our Online Courses offer the highest possible flexibility in training delivery that matches today’s customer needs and on the go professional lifestyle. Our e-learning modules add more options to remote learning.

Our Company

LTES is a unique company in Translation, Localisation, Education and Training for it is a constantly evolving organization in its field of activities. Founded back in September 1991, as a result of the need for language services in Greek and International markets, LTES is committed to offering services in the language domain and the development of businesses in the international world.


One Stop Language Services Provider - All Industries

All businesses in a global economy need to cultivate their language and communication ability.
Get a one stop language and communication solution, no matter what your business is.

Our experience extends virtually to all industries.


Finance industry requires specialised language services with attention to detail and with strict domain specific terminology. LTES has extensive experience in offering language services to financial organisations and has completed many related programs.

Medicine & Health Care

Medicine & Health Care industry deals with the protection and improvement of health i.e. with human’s most valuable asset. We treat their requirements with equally utmost care and we have built extensive experience in all related fields.

Technical & Engineering

The Technical & Engineering field involves numerous different specialised industries and organisations. We have been serving those industries with great success for decades as our focus and profile has always been technical.


We have been providing language services to law firms, law professionals, corporate legal divisions, and courts for many years, and we work with in-house and partner specialised resources in order to offer the required service quality level.


Being an eLearning service provider ourselves, we have extensive know how and experience that allows us to effectively support all types of eLearning organisations in order for them to achieve their language and market objectives.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce is probably the widest business domain in today’s globalised world. LTES has helped numerous companies to reach a broader clientele and additional markets through our professional language services.

Customer Care

Customer Care is the provision of service and support to customers during all interactions between an organisation and the customer. The language aspect is again of paramount importance. LTES helps organisations to improve their customer care and achieve world class excellence.

Travel & Hospitality

The value of Travel & Hospitality has been so much appreciated since the ancient era, that the King of ancient Greek Gods – Zeus Xenios – kept for himself the role of the protector of travelers and hospitality. At LTES, we aim to honour our long-term tradition through our field-specific language services.

Satisfied Customers

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