Professionals with extensive experience and a continuously developing expertise in localization and translation staff our organisation. We customize our services to satisfy the needs of our clients, enabling them to greatly minimize their time, labour and other costs. Our common work practices include:


Our Workflow includes well specified stages for each phase of a project lifecycle so that we ensure vigorous project handling



We review every service and incoming file and we confirm the received material against the service request with our customer.


Split and Assign

We split and assign translation work on the basis of specific criteria: Language pair, Subject field, Volume and schedule


Monitor Progress

We constantly monitor progress of the translation and revision work in order to ensure timely delivery of the work.


Use of Computer

We make full use of computer assisted translation tools (translation memory tools).


Checklists, QA & Feadback

For each and every project we make sure that our project instructions and checklists are followed, QA checks have been performed by our quality specialists and feedback has been provided to translators in an appropriate form aiming at improving translator's performance

"Our project backup planning covers data security and retrieval as well as for human resource adequacy and replacement in order to cater for unexpected issues"

Tools and Resources

We make sure that our teams utilise all the available technology and resources aiming at improving productivity and quality of the translation work.